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Category: DOK#5

Documentary Film Festival


Decades after her untimely death, Princess Diana continues to evoke mystery, glamour, and the quintessential modern fairy tale gone wrong. Crafted entirely from archive footage and free from retrospective voices, this documentary allows the People’s Princess’ story to be told like never before.

Documentary Film Festival


In 2011. after traveling to tsunami stricken areas in Japan, living with migrants in Paris and exploring Accursed Mountains in Albania, the protagonist is coming back to his hometown in Mon- tenegro, only to find out that his father has terminal illness. Four stories are filmed in Montenegro in eight-years period: Blood Feud and its repercussions; Sworn Virgin phenomena; love between a friend who overdosed and was left with severe brain damage and his sister who has been looking after him since; and witnessing the last days of his father due to terminal cancer. Through these stories and the people he connects with, the protagonist contemplates eternal questions: reality, truth, searching for home, memory and love.

Documentary Film Festival


Theaters of War is a 2022 American documentary film that examines the influence of the Pentagon and CIA in shaping Hollywood and television scripts, making use of the Freedom of Information Act to acquire internal state files.

Documentary Film Festival


Body Parts traces the evolution of "sex" on-screen from a woman’s perspective, uncovering the uncomfortable realities behind some of the most iconic scenes in cinema history and celebrating the bold creators leading the way for change.