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Category: DOK#2



Jean Paul Gaultier. One of the most distinguished and remarkable fashion designers is renowned for his striking and subversive creations. But this season, it is neither a dress nor perfume, but rather the lavish Fashion Freak Show. In an all access look behind the scenes, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER: FREAK & CHIC follows the exceptional and ambitious 2-years in the making of Gaultier’s glamorous cabaret, which will plunge viewers into the eccentric and often provocative universe of this iconic genius. Showcasing in intimate detail how this visionary designer assembled high-style choreography, original music, extravagant costume designs, and immersive set design in one of the most famous performance halls of the world’s fashion capital, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER: FREAK & CHIC showcases the best of French glamour through this daring and colorful creation that pushes the boundaries of the fashion genre. Žan Pol Gotje: Frik i Šik prikazuje izuzetno ambiciozne dve godine stvaranja Gotjeovog glamuroznog kabarea koji će gledaoce uvesti u ekscentrični i često provokativni svet ovog jedinstvenog genija.



Central Bus Station is one of the biggest and at the same time, one of the most pathetic stations in the world. Its architect's visionary plans for a building that will engulf its visitors turned into an endless maze of corridors. The gift for Tel Aviv’s citizens now serves as a haven for refugees from all over the world. Yonatan has been guiding people through for 17 years already, showing people, who follow, the dark side of the station. He discovers communities in places that were supposed to stay hidden. These communities are overseeing their traditions and values and they want to defend their new home. This way, the building reflects a world of the society outside its walls.



Ayhuasca: Expansion of Consciousness, tells the story of Ayahuasca, from its emergence in the Amazonian Forest, to its popularity with the Santo Daime religion, and on to its arrival in urban centres. Combining scientific, religious and anthropological perspectives on the use of Ayahuasca in modern society, and in parallel with the director Fausto Noro's own healing process, Ayhuasca: Expansion of Consciousness provides for the first time, a holistic, yet balanced view of this controversial subject.  



In Caracas, Venezuela, the murder capital of the world, the Tupamaros have been hailed by some as modern-day Robin Hoods, and by others as violent thugs who rule the shanty towns with an eye for eye mentality and no regard for the law. With unprecedented access to these controversial vigilantes, director Martin Markovits chronicles seven turbulent years in the life of Alberto 'Chino' Carias, a former guerrilla fighter and Tupamaro leader, who rose to prominence after Hugo Chavez became president of Venezuela. Once accused of robbing banks and killing cops, Chino sheds his outlaw reputation and embraced Chavez's socialist revolution that promised to empower the country's poor.